Do you pay online with credit card? Make sure you know what changed for you on 14 September 2019!

On 14 September 2019 your online payments became a lot more secure! Why? The new EU Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) came into effect.

Banks are currently in the implementation process and we took steps on our side to adapt to the changes.

So, what will actually change for you?

If your preferred payment method is credit card, we recommend to check with your bank whether your credit card is already registered for 2-factor authentication. If it is, nothing changes.

If not, your bank will surely help you activate the 2-factor authentication. In the meantime, should you experience any issues with the authentification at checkout, just go for PayPal.

What are the benefits of the PSD2?

The PSD2 protects your credit card details even more effectively against fraud. Confirming your identity twice, you will verify that you are the one using your credit card, and not someone else. If someone steals your phone, computer or credit card, they will not be able to use them to make an online payment. To confirm the payment, the thief would an extra security token, like your PIN or fingerprint. Please find further details about the PSD2 on the
website of the European Central Bank.